Additional AWS Managed Cloud Service Prices

While we provide many simpler AWS management solutions for free with our core service such as S3 bucket configuration, some services will have additional monthly management fees or initial setup fees. Below is a list of our prices for additional managed services that can be purchased with our managed cloud core service.


Item Management Fee Initial Setup Fee
Additional Managed EC2 Instances $20.00/mo $0
AWS RDS Instances $15.00/mo $0
Load Balancers & Auto scaling $15.00/mo $0
AWS S3 Bucket Configurations $0 $0
Additional AWS Route53 DNS Entries $0 $0
Additional AWS Backup Vaults $0 $0
Additional AWS CloudFront $10.00/mo $0
AWS ECS Clusters $30.00/mo $150.00
AWS Beanstalk Environments $25.00/mo $120.00
Additional VPCs $15.00/mo $0

We also offer AWS project services at a flat rate of $90.00 per hour. This is generally used for infrastructure projects such as migrations, major architectural changes, and building un-managed or temporary infrastructure where the level of effort exceeds 1 hour.

Need something not listed in the table above? Please don’t hesitate to contact us!


Prices listed are subject to change without notice. Upcoming invoices will not be modified to reflect new pricing when changes occur unless specifically requested by the customer.

Prices listed do not include any AWS related costs. Customers are solely responsible for any and all AWS resource and/or service costs.