Linux Management Service

With our Linux Management service, we configure and maintain your managed Linux servers for stellar performance and reliability for you. Below are just some of the tasks we can take care of on your behalf!

Apache & NGINX

We take care of your server configurations including Apache vhosts, modules, and more!

SSL Certificates

Let us manage your SSL certificates for you, whether you use a free Lets Encrypt certificate or a premium one.

System Level Monitoring

We provide free agent based monitoring with access to our secure monitoring platform.

Package Management

Need a package installed, updated, or rolled back? No problem, submit a ticket and consider it done!

Cron Jobs

We can create and manage cron jobs on your systems for you, simply create a ticket and we will take care of it!

General Troubleshooting

Running into issues on one of your systems? We provide system level troubleshooting!

Optional Hardening

Optionally, we can perform basic server hardening on your behalf to help with your web server security efforts.

Automated Patching

We can configure automated maintenance windows to perform server patching based on your schedule requirements.

Automated Backups

Depending on your backup requirements, we can help implement automated backup plans that fit your needs!

Removing Yet Another Barrier!

Linux administration can be complicated and Linux administrators can be expensive to hire, we know this from experience. You don't have to go through this alone though, we are offering this inexpensive service to help remove yet another barrier to entry for small businesses looking to enter the cloud!

We support all kinds of servers!

We provide Linux management support for non webserver based instances as well. Some of the other types of Linux instances we specialize in are:

  • VPN Servers
  • API Servers
  • EC2 Database Servers
  • Backend Workers
  • Container Hosts
  • Bastion Servers
  • And more!

Any questions?

Send us a quick email to schedule a free consultation!

* Managed instances are currently priced at $20 each, however one is included by default with each core service subscription. *

* Management fees listed above do not include any AWS resource costs, including but not limited to AWS EC2. Client maintains full responsibility for any and all AWS related expenses. *