We provide cloud management services which basically translates to building, managing, and maintaining your AWS infrastructure for you. We also offer low cost solutions for small businesses such as our AWS WordPress hosting service and managed cloud hosting service.
No, we do not include any AWS costs/charges in our prices, you are solely responsible for any and all AWS costs in your AWS account/s.

You can reach out to sales@mazeebo.com to schedule a call and get things started. Once we have discussed your needs, we will send you the first recurring invoice and begin building your infrastructure and/or web server.

There is no contract requirement for these services, nor is there a 1 year minimum requirement. By signing up for our services you agree to our terms of service.

You can reach out to sales@mazeebo.com to schedule a call and get things started. Once we have discussed your needs and come to an agreement, we will send a service agreement which you will need to digitally sign for us to begin managing your infrastructure for you.

We have a 1 year minimum requirement for our AWS managed cloud service, after which the agreement automatically renews on a monthly basis and can be canceled with 30 days notice.

WordPress Hosting / Managed Cloud Hosting

If you are a WordPress or Hosting customer, you can simply submit a ticket to support.  Upon receiving a ticket requesting termination, your service will end the day that your next invoice would have become due.

AWS Managed Cloud

If you are a managed cloud customer, we currently have a 1 year minimum on our managed cloud agreements, after which the agreement auto-renews on a monthly basis until terminated. After the first year you can submit a ticket at any time to terminate with 30 days notice.

You can email us directly at support@mazeebo.com from the email address that belongs to your account or by submitting a ticket via the customer portal.

For AWS managed cloud and AWS wordpress hosting, we deploy all resources into your own AWS account. You will own your resources.

For managed cloud hosting, we create a separate secure VPC among other resources in our own digital ocean account for you.

We will generally have our own admin level console and API access to manage the account and resources for you.

Typically we will not request root access. There may however by situations were we require root access though, such as cost optimization and specific API calls that require root access. In these cases we will either arrange time with you to walk through the steps or request temporary credentials/access.

Pre-Sales Question?

Please direct any sales questions to sales@mazeebo.com for a fast and direct response.

Additionally you can call us at 1-888-Mazeebo if you would prefer to speak with someone via phone.

Looking for support?

There are several ways to contact support depending on how urgent the situation is. The fastest way to get a response and escalation is via ticket which can be submitted via either of the following methods:

Additionally, you can also give us a call at 1-888-Mazeebo

We send recurring invoices every month which can be securely paid via our Stripe integration. None of your financial information such as credit cards will ever be stored on our servers.

Projects are billed at an hourly rate of $90.00, this includes communications unless specified otherwise (excluding up to an initial 1 hour discussion). Typically any work that requires more than 1 hour would be considered a project. We currently have a 1 hour minimum for projects.

We will always confirm with you before beginning a project, no surprise bills we promise!

Managed Standalone Instances:

By default we include both URL and EC2 instance agent based monitoring on your managed standalone instances. This will alert to situations such as high CPU, memory, and disk utilization by default. The data can be seen in our monitoring portal which we will grant you access to once your instances are up and running.

We also generally install net-data unless specifically informed not to on managed instances which is only viewable from our VPN, this is a backup method for quickly seeing key details incase the agent were to ever fail during an issue. Access to net-data is controlled via security group.

Unmanaged Instances:

Unmanaged instances are not eligable for agent based monitoring. We can setup URL monitors for sites hosted on unmanaged instances however unmanaged URL monitors will only alert you. We will not take any action related to unmanaged instance alerts.

Monitoring requires either a "Managed WordPress" or our "Core Services" package.

Things considered to be out of scope (not included with any package or service):

  • Custom code development/debugging such as Lambda functions, applications, and APIs.
  • Custom theme/plugin support.
  • End of life software.
  • Application installation/configuration (excluding projects).
  • Database administration.
  • Custom mail server configurations.
  • Application level security.
  • Penetration testing.
  • Stress/load testing. (Excluding projects)
  • Malware removal/remediation.

While we build strong and reliable AWS infrastructure, we cannot provide an uptime guarantee for the following reasons:

  • We do not own the underlying hardware, AWS and/or Digital Ocean does.
  • Customers retain admin level access to their accounts, services, and servers.

That being said, AWS has their own uptime guarantees and SLAs for their services which can be seen here. AWS EC2 SLA at the time of this writing is 99.99%.

By default unless specified otherwise in your specific managed cloud contract, you will get 20 hours of provisioning. This covers items such as EC2 instance creation, creating new VPCs, etc. Generally quick tasks are not going to be counted towards this limit such as creating a security group. This also does not relate to typical management but rather mainly the creation of new resources. Tasks such as security group modifications for example are also not part of this limit. Generally meetings regarding deployments will not be counted towards this time unless they are excessive.

Once your 20 hours has been consumed further provisioning requests would need to be scheduled for the next month starting on the 1st.

If you require more than 20 hours you may request to increase your monthly hours at an additional rate of 75.00 per hour, this can be done for a single month or in perpetuity at the customer's request.

Our AWS WordPress hosting comes with the following features:

  • Professional VPC (virtual private cloud)
  • AWS Backup service configuration
  • AWS Systems Manager based instance access
  • AWS Systems Manager based automated patching
  • 1-3x EC2 Instance/s
  • Security Group configuration/maintenance
  • Web Server configuration/maintenance
  • WordPress installation and migration
  • 24x7 Support (Infrastructure only)

These packages do not require our core services package, however those features are also not included. If you require S3, CloudFront, IAM, etc, you will need to upgrade to managed cloud by purchasing our core service.

This is a free service offered to anyone regardless of whether you become a customer or not. You will need to register a free account on this tool in order to use it. As this is a free tool meant to empower small businesses, no support/warranties/guarantees are provided.