We include our AWS cost optimization services for free with any managed cloud agreement!

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AWS Cost Optimization

You don't have to overpay for your AWS resources, we can help you!

Increase Cost Efficiency

Not only can we save you money on your EC2 instances, but by right sizing your EC2 and RDS resources we also dramatically increase your cost efficiency as well!

We Cut AWS Costs!

If we can't find any potential AWS cost optimization opportunities in your account, we will credit you a free month of managed cloud!


EC2 & RDS Cost Reduction

The first thing we look at is your instances. Are they under-utilized? If so we can help you rightsize them. After we are sure that your instances are the proper sizes, we can help further reduce your AWS bill by implementing a combination of reserved instances and instance saving plans. This can reduce your EC2/RDS bill by up to 63%!


S3 Storage Cost Reduction

Next up, we take a look at your S3 buckets to see where we can trim some costs. We begin with removing any unnecessary buckets containing files you no longer need. Afterwards we look for opportunities to enact life cycle policies such as moving objects to cold storage after a certain amount of time has passed or simply deleting the file if no longer needed. Finally we can review your configurations with you to make sure your buckets aren't accidentally public, this way you know your data is safe!


EBS & AMI Cost Reduction

Over time its easy to lose track of how many old volumes, snapshots, and AMIs you created which can lead to a heavily inflated bill. We help you examine your volumes and images to drastically reduce your EBS/AMI costs.

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