Managed AWS WordPress Hosting

Each AWS WordPress hosting package comes with a professionally managed virtual private cloud, automated server backups, and automated server patching, and optional AWS Simple Email Service configuration. We also include free SSL certificates for all customers (via Lets Encrypt), as well as URL and server monitoring!

Combine all of the above with our stellar customer service and technical assistance and you have a recipe for success!

Fully Featured

We install fully featured WordPress copies on your instances for you.

You will never have to pay extra to unlock the use of plugins, themes, or any other standard WordPress functionality.

Your Own Cloud!

Looking to get your WordPress site into the cloud and onto your own servers without breaking the bank?

We build and manage professional quality virtual private clouds and powerful web servers with dedicated resources in your AWS account for you.

Money Saver

We designed this service specifically to help individuals and small businesses begin leveraging the cloud.

This is professional grade WordPress cloud hosting without a massive bill attached.

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Premium Features At No Additional Cost

Most standard WordPress hosts don't offer these features at all, but with us they come standard!

Fast Server Configuration

We setup Apache on an Ubuntu Server with PHP 7.4, the latest version officially supported by WordPress.

We also optimize your server by enabling the event MPM paired with PHP7.4-FPM for incredible performance!

Redis Memory Caching

Optionally, we can deploy Redis to your EC2 instance which enables in-memory caching for massive performance gains.

This requires a free Redis compatible caching plugin which can be easily installed via the add plugins page.

Free SSL Certificate

We can generate free SSL certificates for your domains using Lets Encrypt, potentially saving you hundreds of dollars per year on SSL costs!

Never waste your hard earned money on SSL certificates again!

Web Application Firewall

Optionally, we can install and configure mod security on your server to serve as a free WAF to help keep your WordPress sites safe!

This doesn't require any additional WordPress plugins, simply say the word and rest assured.

AWS WordPress hosting that individuals and small businesses can afford!

Worried about AWS costs? No problem we can work with you to help ensure your AWS bill stays within your budget!


Up to 3x WordPress sites

1x Managed instance included

Dedicated Resources

Professional Monitoring



Up to 5x WordPress sites

2x Managed instances included

Dedicated Resources

Professional Monitoring



Up to 10x WordPress sites

3x Managed instances included

Dedicated Resources

Professional Monitoring


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Management fees listed above do not include any AWS resource costs, including but not limited to AWS EC2. Client maintains full responsibility for any and all AWS related expenses.