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Here is a little more info about our business and values.

Who we are

We are a relatively fresh company founded by experienced AWS engineers with a thing for automation and cost reduction. We believe in offering great service at a cost that doesn't price out the little guy. As time goes by we continue to seek ways to add value to our valued clients. Everything we do starts with customer and ends with the customer, if it doesn't add value to the customer its simply not worth doing!

What sets us apart

We were founded with 1 simple goal in mind, making AWS services available to the little guy. Most of our competitors target large business and enterprise customers, we work directly with you to help you start your cloud journey so that you can focus on growing your business or sites.

Our origins

Mazeebo was founded due to a clear need for a cost effective way for individuals and small businesses to enter the cloud. Cloud Engineer’s typically come with a high salary and other management companies usually come with high initial costs or large monthly bills attached.

We seek to remove this high cost barrier for individuals and small businesses through an automated and repeatable infrastructure approach.

What we do

We provide infrastructure as a service or "managed cloud" to small businesses and individuals that are seeking to utilize AWS cloud services. By removing the infrastructure engineering portion of the equation we, we drastically reduce the barrier to entries for small businesses.

Lets work together.

We're excited to meet you and would love to help in any way possible!