Customer Obsessed Managed Cloud

Introducing Mazeebo

A little about us and our services..

We are an AWS managed services provider that specializes in managed cloud as well as professional AWS infrastructure build out. Our business was designed from the ground up to deliver the most customer obsessed cloud management experience possible while drastically lowering the cost of leveraging AWS cloud services for individuals and small businesses.

We also offer a highly robust AWS WordPress hosting service as well as professionally managed cloud hosting (managed web servers) for those looking to enter the cloud without investing too much time or money to get started.

Built For Small Businesses & Startups

We built this company from the ground up to empower small businesses and startup companies seeking to leverage the cloud.

Everything about how our business operates is designed to add value and remove barriers to entry for our customers!

AWS Managed Cloud

We build and manage professional grade AWS environments using only the best practices. Mazeebo engineers utilize Terraform (Infrastructure as Code) to perform most deployments for our AWS managed cloud customers. This allows us to get you up and running in no time.

Whether you are just getting started with AWS or need help building and managing more complicated infrastructure, we can help! Let us build and manage your AWS infrastructure so that you can focus on growing your business!

AWS WordPress Hosting

Looking for an inexpensive and hassle free way to get your WordPress website into AWS? We have you covered with an incrediblely low cost yet feature rich AWS WordPress service!

With our AWS WordPress Hosting service we build, monitor, and maintain your AWS WordPress infrastructure for you. Included with our service are optional free addons such as a web application firewall (Apache mod security), Redis memory based caching, and free SSL certificates.

AWS Managed Cloud Services

Below are just some of the incredible standard features we offer as an AWS managed cloud service provider. Whether you simply require AWS consulting services, AWS support, or need us to help build and manage your infrastructure, we have you covered!


We build your environments from the ground up using infrastructure as code, following only the best practices.


Every customer gets free EC2 instance and URL monitoring for each managed instance as well as access to stellar support.

Cost Optimization

We can help examine and reduce your monthly AWS costs by adjusting underutilized resources and setting up savings plans and/or reserved instances.

Linux Management

Let us take care of your Linux needs for you! Never worry about things like vhost configurations, cron jobs, or packages updates again!

A Quick Services Overview

Below you can see some quick and to the point details about the various services we offer. Managed Cloud includes Linux management unless specified otherwise in your specific contract. We also offer highly affordable managed cloud hosting and managed AWS WordPress hosting.

Core Service

AWS Managed Cloud
  • Infrastructure as Code (Terraform)
  • Professional VPC Configurations
  • Deployment (Limits Apply)
  • Infrastructure Management
  • AWS Backup Configuration
  • Cost Optimization
  • CIS Benchmark & Remediation
  • And More!

EC2 Instances

AKA Linux Management
  • Instance Deployment
  • Instance Configuration
  • Instance Troubleshooting
  • Automated Patching
  • Automated Backups
  • URL Monitoring & Alerting
  • Standalone EC2 Monitoring
  • And More!


Free quotes available!

Great for one off projects as well as items not covered by our extensive managed cloud service. Available regardless of whether you are a managed cloud customer or not. Project pricing is $90.00/hour.

Free Consultation!

Looking for help regarding a specific problem? Reach out to us via one of our numerous contact methods and we will be more than happy to setup a free consultation call via Google Hangouts. During your the call we will review your needs, current setup, and discuss what we can help you with moving forwards.